Roadmap workshop. Over 130 people provided input into the Coalition’s draft ‘Roadmap for a New Food and Land Use Economy for the Peace in Colombia’ at a workshop in Bogotá in March 2018. The  ‘roadmap’ of policy and investment recommendations has been developed in close collaboration with the Colombian government and addresses the specific priorities and concerns around food and land use in the country. The team plans to share the roadmap with the current government from mid-April to June 2018 and with the new government in August-September 2018.

Science-based targets and pathways. The FABLE country team has begun work on science-based targets and pathways for food and land use systems in Colombia. Partners in the modelling work include Universidad de los Andes and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. The team is also delving into developing a regional approach to FABLE, by working very closely with Brazil and Argentina, for example at a meeting in Bariloche, Argentina on 19th – 21st March 2018. Read more about this regional effort here.

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