The Food and Land Use Coalition

We find and scale evidence-based solutions that benefit people, nature and climate

The ways in which we use land and produce, distribute, market and consume our food are highly unsustainable, generating hidden economic, environmental and health costs estimated at almost $12 trillion a year. Some two billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food and a third of greenhouse gases are produced by food and land systems.  
Since 2017, FOLU’s global community of change-makers has been working to transform these systems to unlock a net-zero, nature-positive world, while also ensuring social justice and food security for all.  
Guided by evidence and science-based solutions, we build a shared understanding of these challenges and opportunities, empowering farmers, policymakers, businesses, investors, and civil society to unlock collective action at scale.


FOLU envisions a world in which sustainable, equitable and resilient food and land use systems enable people and nature to prosper. 


Our mission is to galvanize diverse leadership, expertise, and solutions for rapid and transformative change in food and land use systems. 

Our approach

Our strength comes from a vibrant and growing community of ambassadors, donors, country platforms, and partners. 

As a coalition, we embrace a diversity of opinions and approaches, support disruptive thinking, and forge consensus through an evidence-based approach. FOLU plays an important role as a bridge between different geographies, sectors, and stakeholders. We do not represent the individual views of the organizations and individuals whom we partner with, instead, we find common ground on a shared mission – empowering everyone to act. 

We establish platforms in countries across the world to achieve food and land use systems that meet both local and global goals. Currently, FOLU has seven country platforms (Brazil, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Kenya) and counts an affiliated platform in Australia. We engage with local, regional, and national stakeholders to better understand their needs and to broker partnerships, conduct research and trials to come up with solutions that benefit people, nature and climate. 

Rooted in evidence, we help further the case for systems transformation by providing independent, science-based and action-oriented research, data, tools and concrete recommendations for businesses, financial institutions, policymakers, among other key players.  

By engaging with global experts and influencers, media and events, we spotlight critical interventions that will help us sow the seeds for a better future.  

Our global impact

Each country faces its own distinct challenges and opportunities. Learn more about how we support platforms in countries across the world to enhance research and analysis, build capacity, deepen engagement and develop tools to deliver real impact on the ground.