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This map shows countries in which FABLE operates. Hover for those with established FOLU platform.

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Taking the local global. Each country faces its own distinct challenges and opportunities. We support platforms in countries across the world that enhance research and analysis, build capacity, deepen engagement and develop tools to support the transformation of food and land use systems to meet local and global goals. We enable the sharing of best practice and knowledge within and between countries. The country programs are co-chaired by Claudia Martinez and Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi.

FOLU country platforms have been established in Australia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland) and the UK. We foster inclusion in each country by working with diverse sectors and stakeholders to better understand how food is produced and land is used. We build on the work of the Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land and Energy (FABLE) Consortium teams which operate in more than 20 countries. FABLE helps develop the data and modelling infrastructure needed to map out long-term, actionable pathways towards sustainable food and land use systems.

To find out in which countries the FABLE Consortium works and in which FOLU has established a platform, select FABLE or FOLU on the map above.

Our action in countries also supports progress towards international and national commitments. This includes integrating food and land use as part of countries’ nationally determined contributions (NDCs), the heart of the Paris Agreement, to reduce emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change, as well as meeting the Aichi Biodiversity Targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to tackle biodiversity loss as well as improve human health.

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