Food and land use context in Kenya

Kenya's food and land use systems bring both challenges and opportunities. The agriculture sector, providing food security and livelihoods for over 50 million people, contributes about 30% to Kenya's GDP. However, issues like unsustainable practices, limited resources for small farmers, and land degradation pose threats, affecting biodiversity and making communities more vulnerable to climate change.

These challenges contribute to national carbon emissions, worsening hunger and malnutrition. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the fragility of our food systems. Yet, the Kenyan government collaborates with international organizations to promote sustainable agriculture, improved land management, and environmental conservation.

On this page you can learn how FOLU is helping build a stronger and more sustainable food and land use system in Kenya.

FOLU activity in Kenya

Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU Kenya) supports science-based solutions and helps build a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities to unlock collective and ambitious action. The coalition secretariat consists of AGRA, World Resource Institute (WRI Africa) and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

To accelerate the food system transformation five out of FOLU’s ten critical transitions have been prioritized in Kenya:

1. Productive and regenerative agriculture
2. Healthy diets
3. Natural resource protection and restoration
4. Food loss and waste
5. Gender and demography
Two other crucial cross-cutting transitions have been prioritized namely:
6. Digital revolution and
7. Enhanced rural livelihoods

FOLU Kenya drives transformative change in national food systems through strategic multistakeholder collaborations at local, regional, and global levels. Recognizing the pivotal role of coalition-building, stakeholders understand that collective action is essential for success.

The FOLU Kenya Scoping Report highlights the importance of transforming food systems in the country and underscores that devolution provides an opportunity for localized solutions to the unique challenges faced by different regions. FOLU Kenya is currently forging a partnership between the government and stakeholders in the food and land use sector, while concurrently developing a 5-year action plan.

Country resources

Key contacts

Della Akumu

Healthy Diets Associate

Michael Onchabo

FOLU Kenya Director, WRI

Charles Opiyo

Sustainable and Healthy Diets Expert
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