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We work with photojournalists across the world to share real-life narratives that bring us closer to the challenges, opportunities and solutions found in our food and land use systems.

See below for our latest story collection, downloadable as Zip folders containing jpeg files, captions and photo usage guidelines.

Indonesia – Illipe Nut and Palm Sugar

Wild Bunch Illipe Nut butter and Palm Sugar project with local communities (Partnership for Forests (P4F).

Indonesia – Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Participatory restoration and conservation of rain forest (Orangutan Information Centre; Gunung Leuser National Park; Cinta Raja Rainforest Restoration Site; WRI…

India – Zero Budget Natural Farming

Zero budget natural farming techniques in Andhra Pradesh (Members of the Agapally village; CEEW; WRI India).

India – Jain’s Irrigation Systems

Micro-irrigation of banana growing, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (Jain micro-irrigation systems, WRI India).

India – Forestry Management

Community forest management, Narmada Gujarat (ARCH and members of the Kanji village; WRI India).

Ethiopia – Watershed Restoration

Watershed restoration and homestead development, Bahir Dar (Farming community of Bahir Dar and Water and Land Resource Center; WRI Africa).

Ethiopia – Gullele Botanical Gardens

Conservation and biodiversity work, encouraging native species growing in Ethiopia (Gullele Botanical Garden; WRI Africa).

Colombia – Cacao Producer

Sustainable cacao grower in Uraba (Cacao farmer members of ACEFUVER; E3 Asesorias).

Colombia – Bogota Food Bank

Reducing food loss and waste with Bogota’s Food Bank project (Bogota Food Bank; E3 Asesorias).

Colombia – Agroecology Project

Agroecology school and sustainable coffee growing in Quindio (Kakataima Agroecology School, the Slow Food Movement Colombia; E3 Asesorias).

China – Shared Harvest

Community-Supported Agriculture with the woman-led Shared Harvest in the Beijing area (Shared Harvest; Tsinghua University; WRI China).

China – Rice and Duck Farm

Sustainable, regenerative and organic rice and duck farming, Guangzhou (China Agricultural University; WRI China).

China – God’s Grace Garden

Organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques at self-sufficient God’s Grace Garden (God’s Grace Garden; WRI China).

China – Beijing Farmers Market

Market supporting local farmers, restaurants and fresh produce across Beijing (Shared Harvest, God’s Grace Garden; Veggie Table; WRI China).

Australia – Tiverton Farm and Mt Rothwell

Conservation of grasslands to protect native species and sustainable sheep ranching (Odonata; ClimateWorks Australia).

Australia – Go Terra

Organic food waste management system using insects (GoTerra; ClimateWorks Australia).

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