The Food and Land Use Coalition:

  • Connects members of the scientific community, businesses, investors, policy-makers, international organisations, members of civil society, grassroots organisations and farmers’ representatives

  • Works to expand the set of options for transforming food and land use systems across the world by identifying solutions that can reshape these systems into powerful engines of sustainable growth

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The Food and Land Use Coalition draws on the expertise of a number of core groups and organisations.

Together, we are supporting countries to develop and follow strategic, science-based programmes to transform their food and land use systems. We also work internationally, building a network of leaders and an economically-attractive narrative to accelerate action across businesses, international systems, civil society and policy makers.

Learn more about the work of our partner organisations and initiatives: 

We recognise the great work of many existing initiatives underway. Our approach is exploratory and open: we seek to develop systemic solutions to meet complex and interrelated goals, reaching out to the rest of the community for ideas and sharing our work with everyone else to scale-up and accelerate the transformation . 

Through our work, we aim to support the development of a resilient system that provides sufficient, nutritious food to all; protects and restores ecosystems; shifts from being a net-emitter of greenhouse gases to acting as a net sink; and offers a prosperous, decent living to those working in agriculture in rich and poor countries alike.

Because food and land-use systems touch so many of us in so many ways, transforming them is essential to give us a fighting chance of delivering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, agreed upon by the UN member states in 2015, from gender equality to climate action. Moreover, they are critical to delivering on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. To learn more, click on each of the icons below. 


The Coalition works both locally and internationally.



We aim to work with leading civil society, scientific, public and private actors to make the case for transforming our food and land use systems, to develop the tools to achieve this goal, to build confidence that the change is possible and to create an expanding set of new coalitions and partnerships for implementation at different levels of the system.

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We aim to support countries to develop an integrated strategy for the transformation of food and land use systems, combining the best science-based modelling to develop pathways with practical policy, market and financing initiatives roadmaps.