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About A Just Rural Transition

Feeding 9 billion people by 2030 while protecting the vital natural systems which sustain life will be one of the defining challenges of our generation. It will require a transformation in the way in which we use land, produce food and protect nature.

Launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019, A Just Rural Transition (JRT) brings together governments, companies, civil society, farmers groups and indigenous people to support a growing global ‘community of purpose’. The JRT Vision Statement sets out a 2030 vision and key principles that will underpin a transformation in land use consistent with the Paris Agreement, halting the rapid degradation of nature and accelerating delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Stakeholders who endorse the JRT Vision Statement commit to doing their part to support this transformation agenda. To add your country or organisation to the growing collective movement please contact the Just Rural Transition Secretariat on jrt@merid.org.

The JRT will establish a Secretariat in late 2019 to facilitate engagement by committed stakeholders including through two key initiatives:

A Policy Coalition focussed on repurposing agri-food policies towards climate resilience and sustainability. This brings together countries committed to repurposing and reinvesting agri-food support and policies as well as key knowledge and implementation partners. This will:

  • provide countries with analytical, design and implementation advice;
  • create opportunities to learn from knowledge partners and each other;
  • support developing countries access financial support for agricultural policy reform;
  • provide governments with the evidence, communications and engagement tools to help build broad-based, inclusive support for policy reform.

An investment partnership to mobilise finance into sustainable landscapes and supply chains. This will:

  • facilitate new investment partnerships and financial innovation;
  • identify major barriers and propose practical, scalable solutions to drive investment into key landscapes and support sustainable, resilient agricultural value-chains
  • engage policy makers to identify the complementary policy actions that will help shift capital at scale.

A Food and Land Use “Action Tracker” will also be developed, with input from national research institutes, to enable partners to track progress towards long-term goals and commitments and learn from efforts by other partners.

To find out more information about the JRT and how to get involved, please contact info@foodandlandusecoalition.org.

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