Betelhem (Betty) Lakew


A professional nutritionist and food scientist from Ethiopia, Bethlehem Lakew is also the co-creator and founder of two businesses, including BeNu Foods, a start-up biscuit business that strives to develop a nutritious, inexpensive, and locally sourced product for the community. In Ethiopia, she encourages healthy living as the founder and CEO of LeHem Nutrition Counseling, a company that provides nutritional counseling in things related with health and weight management. She also works at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University as a research assistant. She currently represents Ethiopia as a youth leader for the Act4Food Act4Change initiative. Working on a variety of action items, particularly those that address the following: Everyone should be able to afford healthy and nutritious food; Every child should have a healthy and sustainable lunch at school, college, or the nursery; and Value local and indigenous food knowledge. She contributes her free time to many charities. She currently works for a non-profit organization called Nutrition for Education, where she develops instructional materials on maternal nutrition. She spent five years working in Rotaract in a variety of roles, including vice president, director of professional development, and director of community service. Bethlehem earned her MSc in Food Science and Nutrition as well as her bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Applied Nutrition with honors from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University.