Seth Cook PhD, is the China-India Project Manager at the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), based in SYSTEMIQ, where he is responsible for overseeing FOLU’s China and India platforms. He has extensive experience in both countries, as well as in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Zambia, Ethiopia and Uganda. Prior to this position, he was a Senior Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development in the China and Agroecology teams. He lived and worked in China for over 10 years, including heading IUCN’s China office and serving as Global Operations Director for WWF’s China for a Global Shift Initiative. He is a fluent Chinese speaker. Seth has undertaken projects on sustainable diets, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, climate resilient drylands agricultural development, climate neutrality, Chinese investment in African agriculture, and China-Africa forest governance, and has published extensively on these topics. He holds M.E.S. and PhD degrees from the Yale School of the Environment, and an MA in international relations from Yale University.